Get paid to participate in the new LIVE VIDEO trend! Work on social media by broadcasting from your smartphone. Grow your following! Show off a talent! Marquee Image Models currently staffs over 150 official broadcasters worldwide!


Males and Females ages 18+ residing/studying/working in United Kingdom.

Must be social, outgoing and relatable! Having a talent is great, but a PERSONALITY is even better!

Actors, singers, musicians, make-up artists, models, fashionistas, yogis, fitness enthusiasts, artists, dancers, social networkers and comedians all encouraged to apply! 

Talent not listed? Feel free to apply anyway!




Host a live chat show approximately 10-15 hours a week. Broadcasts can consist of anything from a simple chat with your fans to a cooking class, dance routine, playing guitar…basically anything you want it to be! Be your own boss. Set your own hours.  

If you can enter a party and make friends, you have what it takes. It’s not like hosting a television show, it’s a social experience! Have you ever gone LIVE on instagram and shown your friends what you are up to, all the while reading & responding to the comments and hearts coming in? This is what being a live broadcaster's job is like when hired by us. If hired, we call you an “Official Host”! 


One of the most popular Live Streaming social media platforms  with over 220 million users worldwide.  Our top hosts have 200,000+ followers! 


Total of 35- 52 hours per month depending on the contract you are offered. Hours limits/restrictions apply (see below). Selected talent can expect to either broadcast 2-3 hours a day for 18 days OR shorter broadcasts for more days.  You MUST be able to commit to a 3-month contract. 


As said, the contract spans THREE months. There are TWO sources of income for live broadcasters (hosts): 

  1. MARQUEE (that’s us) pays you, AND
  2. Your fans send you gifts (money!) as well THROUGH THE APP, which you cash out. It’s like tips, but really it’s your fans sending you tokens of appreciation! The more popular you become on the app, the more gifts you get from fans. Our top hosts get over $10,000 a month in gifts from fans. 

Here is the breakdown:
MONTH 1-3: 

There are two contract plan options.

1) Base Pay

-We pay you $700 USD/month, AND your viewers/fans send you gifts

2) Variable Pay

-We pay you the base pay up to associated with the gift tier reached up to over $4000 (all specified in our contract), AND your viewers/fans send you gifts.

By the end of the three months on either contract plan, your popularity has risen and so has your income from fans! On average hosts make $30-50 USD per hour with both sources of income combined but our top hosts make $200-300+ USD per hour.

MONTH 3 & BEYOND:  If you've completed all hours thus far, Marquee will offer you a renewal opportunity with a performance-based base rate.  Our base rates go up to over $4000, plus you get your gifts from fans.  Our top hosts make $15,000+ monthly.

Location & Office Supplies:

REMOTE. This is a work-from-home opportunity. Must have strong WIFI and a smartphone or tablet with a high quality front-facing camera. Need to have a clean background space for your live video broadcasting.  

*CLEAN CONTENT only. You will represent the app and must be reputable; there is no smoking, profanity, vulgarity of any kind allowed in your broadcasts. This is a clean, tasteful forum.  No nudity. We are hiring in UNITED KINGDOM. You do not have to be a citizen, just reside there.  

Employment Status:


Independent Contractor 


Step 1: APPLY by filling out the form

Step 2: We email you with more information, have you sign a standard contract for all auditioning broadcasters, and set up a 10 minute audition time.

Step 3: The audition: act natural on the app by introducing yourself to those who are tuning in and responding to viewers’ comments for 10 minutes. This is also a good time to show off any talents you might have, if you have them! Most importantly, you interact with the comments on-screen.

Step 4: We email you with the audition results! If you were selected, your start date will be APRIL 1ST.

 Prior to your state date,  we provide you with training materials and set you up with a Marquee rep to go over the app with you and other new hosts through a group video conference call.

For IMMEDIATE consideration, APPLY NOW!


What are you waiting for?  Let's do this!